An Uncluttered Mind

poem, poems, poetry, writing

Always be kind to

Your restaurant server

And the local convenience store clerk.

People need to be

More in the moment,


Sit back and recline.

Put down the bottle of moonshine.

Or snickers,

Or spliff,

Cigarette, remote controller, fabric softener, dumbbell, eggshells,

Blown brain cells chopped in fine parallel lines,

Amongst the dimes and quarters on the coffee table.


They need to unwind

And watch the spin cycle.

My second grade English teacher told me two parallel lines

Stretch invisibly into eternity,

In both directions.

That thrummed something on my mandolin

Because as I sit here and look at this page I see them

Invisible and stretching.


I could write onto those lines

And lose the poetic rhymes.

All but the universe of the white square you read.

I am too greedy for that.

I don’t want to lose any of these words.

I don’t place down my pen.

I keep it upright and spilling.

Emptying the reservoir.

Undistilled, unlabeled, and unbottled.

Aged and ready to ferment into a fine poison.


No sir,

I wish the local store clerk

A pleasant evening

Besides the fact he has not made a sound.

I pay for my

Mary Jane’s lipstick remover

In the form of coconut water,

And I always tip 20%.


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