Rorschach Memory

poem, poems, poetry, writing

Trials and troubles are healthy.

Believe me when I say

I have had a few.

I don’t want to bore you

But glance at these lines

And read these ink stains.

I want you to look through my eyes

Ride the electrodes in my brain.

It helps keep me sane.

Lord knows who I would be

Without pen and paper.

Lord knows who you would be

Without vice.

I’m in love with routine

And caffeine

It’s best not to dwell on the past

But don’t cast her a blind eye.

I love the blue sky

Unchanging my whole life

Even through my ceaseless roam.

Cloud formations,

The splatter paint canvasses

Of my scrolling memory

I look upon shapeless wonders

And build a story.

It’s a rabbit.

A face.

A sailboat.

An ever changing Rorschach collection.

I lay on green grass

Watching them lazily.

I don’t let them

Phase me

Because I am so far away.


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