Her Eyes in the State that Owns Autumn

poem, poems, poetry, writing

He opens his eyes

And outpours a glossy reflection

Of deciduous leaves performing a colourful revelation

And leaping to the earth

Parachuting on the invisible pull of gravity.

Back looks she

With eyes icy

Sometimes husky grey.

They swallow him

And slowly blinking long black lashes

He is locked in the

Boundless rim

Where pupil meets iris.

It’s the Atlantic ocean

And the flow of shipyard

Through the pumpkin head bottle neck.

The bones of slaves and seamen

Lay below the streets of the Port-city

As though it were a layer of sheetrock.

He walks along the black painted tar

Of last winter’s state budget expenditure.

It’s her

And the past foreclosure.

It’s the shanghai tunnels below the city

Where intentions are knocked unconscious

And dragged, feet bumping

Towards the lapping shores.

Still the image that remains

are those frozen, grey husky eyes

And the orange, green, yellow, reds, and purples

Of the sugar maple’s sun ray collectors

That play softly in ghostly

Autumn reflections.


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