BJ&K #1

poem, poems, poetry, writing

When the vegetables bite back

And the grass starts to sting

The sun will rise

And the concrete will steam.

The city rolls noisily

On sanded streetcar tracks.

The rain rushing South

To lake Ontario.

When the sky turns red

And the stars burn black

And the oceans dry up leaving mountains behind.

And the people will divide

Along with the surging sea.

Coral exposed like brain matter

The sands of time pouring

Like the prairies of the Dakota’s

Through an insect smeared Peterbilt windshield.

The grass will sting the cracked floor

And reach their greedy fingers in green color.

The smoked filled air and smell of burning trash;

Rain won’t wash but corrode.


We will forget the meaning of the word home.

The dogs will groan

The alley cats will scream

The trash cans will rattle

With the snores of those

Who fell awake.

Follow me through the alley ways

And cracked streets,

While everyone sleeps.

We will go to that place with our initials written in brick

You’ll take my hand and I’ll steal a kiss.

We’ll sit in sad silence and eternal bliss.

Behind the sirens and car alarms

Whispering of the grass

And tracing our scars.

The stars will twinkle

And shimmer and mingle

Into the deep black, mimicking

The twilight

At the end of the day.


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