All Our Lives

poem, poems, poetry, writing

I view the world

Through two small windows

Dark as my stretching shadow,

Clinging to my toe tips

Threatening to float away on the slight breeze.


You can see the lightning storm

Of my nervous system;

The tides of my blood stream.

My mind arranges atoms and molecules of light

Into recognizable features and landmarks.

Bringing with them all

A flood of emotions.


I quit smoking nicotine.

After a week I can taste the city again.

The metallic flavor causes my eyes to water.

The Mary Jane causes them to bleed.


A membrane away from slipping

Into someone else’s waking life.

We are all crashing towards something.

Each one of us,

The nucleus of our own universe.


I wish we could share dreams.

I would just slip into your fantasies.

You could share mine.

There would be no need for amusement parks.

The hoppy reek of back alley bars.

The hourly fight upstream.


We would wake up with déjà vu.

Or no memory at all

Of the different lives we have lived.


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