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She lost her way heading South.

Stumbled upon a stranger with

Shadows on his mouth.

Masked by night,

The smoke from his cigarette

Danced in the yellow glow

Of streetlight.

“Where are you headed tonight?”

He stated in a slow drawl,

Standing askew-

Breathing through

A bent Pal Mal.

She leaned his way

Absorbing an eternity

Of green, blazing forestry.

Mother Nature captured them, both

In nature and nurture.

Her tongue traced his

Four o’clock shadow.

Her eyes filled with menace.

Fire ants poured from her pores.

Her pupils black specks of miosis.

They questioned whether time

Were real and tried to

Steal more kisses

Than they could feel.

Their rapture upon them;

Their pulse soured.

She beat her wander,

He beat his misery,

They both fell upon the tapestry,

They melted into oil painted symmetry.

“Come with me”,

Sang the wind.

She dissipated into the mists of time.

Then the sky imploded

With an inaudible bang.


New York,


And Berlin,

Collided in petty crime.

An eye for an eye

Everyone leaves blind.


One thought on “BJ&K#5

  1. Ben, I found this to be a dangerous poem…not unlike the terror in some childhood fairy-tales. It’s got seduction’s power, along with the terror of what happens.

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