Scales of Perception

Benjamin Jenkins, poem, poems, poetry, writing

Sitting amongst a city of clover,

Watching the bees lazily

Crawl over flower petals.

I exist on the bee’s scale.

A little league soccer game

Pedals through periods over

Miles and miles of prairies.

A city rises high above

And deeply vast.

Encompassing a small pocket of greenery.

An arboretum tucked into blocks

Of hot concrete and glass.

Born of subway trench,

Where kids now play,

Waterslides rush happy souls-

Down tagged-up concrete sides.

People picnic,

I survey with pen on this hill.

The pigeons land in a cloud

And take flight in the same

Precognitive crowd.

I swear it’s too perfect to be random.

Everything unfolds at its own pace.

Everything spins like cogs,

In an overwhelming clockwork.

Spin little wheels spin.

A cog to a machine-

A machine to a task-

A task to a dream-

A dream to a galaxy-

A galaxy to a nucleus-

A nucleus to a cell-

Spin little wheels spin.

Let’s keep

Reeling through infinity.


One thought on “Scales of Perception

  1. Ben, this poem renders the overwhelmingness of life in the moment, the bounty of everything happening all at once. Nice achievement.

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