Lady Nicotine

Benjamin Jenkins, poem, poems, poetry, writing

She doesn’t get me high,

Or calm me down.

A beautiful package.

Orderly, clean lines

Until I set her afire.

I miss her when she’s not around,

Comforted to boredom when she is.

She takes my breath away.

Smolders poison into my soul

Kills me with each exhale.

I kiss you every hour,

Reminding myself

That I used to never need you.

Striving to get back

To the state,

Before I met you.

She makes me lethargic.

She picks me up.

She tells me I love her.

Arguing her own anxiety,

We break up-

Again and again and again.

She ignores me.

I have a lifetime to find her again.

Apologizing, making excuses,

Begging again for comforting discomfort.

I’ll learn to need her again.

Like I’ve had to each time before.

Swallow and digest your toxic kiss.

In my pocket you’ll whisper and lie.

It’s just a fling.

I’ll tell the both of us.


One thought on “Lady Nicotine

  1. Ben, this poem is full of irony and sore truth. You have rendered experience not in words and imagery but in the way this piece moves the eye down the page.

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