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He opened eyes to a deep ocean blue,

Knew it was time for the sublime.

The birds called his name

And the same came from the sun.

She was the one.

Beside his pillow,

She winked a furrowed brow,

Whispered a soft growl.

Interlocked fingers, overlapped lips,

Eyes locked, and tongues dancing.

Time passing too fast to savor the moment.

They were told to stop and smell the roses,

Weary of the pricking thorns.


Over caffeinated and under stimulated

They begged for more.

Forlorn on the shore

Of lifetime memory.

Opening their mouths to speak,

Cracking a smile,

Laughing away time,

Falling in love with eternity.

Forever seemed too soon;

Tomorrow too far.


Stolen kisses and weighed words,

Speaking in similar tongues

But missing the subtext.

She caressed his neck

Whispered “What comes next?”

His answer: “Don’t come too soon”.

They fell into a monsoon.

The mascara streamed from her eyes,

They kissed in the driving rain.

Drowned the cries:

Of the screaming city.


Still on their midnight run,

When up came the sun.

Red skies at night

Sailor’s take warning.

Avoid the sirens and incessant mourning.

Those who came before,

Those who were still to become.

The starlight twinkles while

Smiles break into molecules

Of eternal black matter.


2 thoughts on “BJ&K#6

  1. Ben, terrific! Am I correct in feeling this is a character poem, and a narrative poem? I think there is rich territory for you here in writing poetry through the eyes of character, wherein something happens. I found it riveting.

    1. Thank you,
      This is a series of ongoing poems that my girlfriend and I write together.
      BJ&K= Benjamin Jenkins & Kataclysmic.
      I enjoy writing these very much and I am glad you enjoy it.

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