Eastbound College Car

Benjamin Jenkins, poem, poems, poetry, writing

I step up the steps of

The Eastbound TTC streetcar.

I sit my ass

In this seat.

And try to write



Besides Me

A Boy sits.



Into spider-man

On a PSP.

His face slack and drooling,

Letting the “Grown-Ups”

Have their time.

In their respective seats


After a few adult rounds

Of conversation:

“You are being such a good boy!”

One of them sounds,

Without looking at him.

Unbeknownst to them,

It’s conditioning.


Another stop.

Strangers come.

Strangers go.

Outside my window

A flock of bike cops

Come to a stop.

Polished law on steel and oiled gear.


One of ten wheels wedge

Into the tracks we shamble.

He flips helmet over pedals.

His squad laughs.

And I thought they were a brotherhood.

And I thought this was a brotherhood.


3 thoughts on “Eastbound College Car

  1. Ben, your powers of observation are unrelenting, and your ability to respond to what you observe with insight and emotion is appealing. I like that you do not write down everything…but are, instead, artfully selective.

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