Current Life

Benjamin Jenkins, poem, poems, poetry, writing

I find myself sitting here and thinking of you.

How we paddle down this river of life

On ferry and tool of our own device.

I Left you waving on a foggy shore.

How long will you stay-

What resources will you exhaust-

How many days will you burn-

With contempt and relaxation?

Who will happen by-

Capture your eye-

Help you onboard, vessel pitching-

Then paddle you further down river?

I skim upon surface tension.

The hazards are the same.

Beware of rocks and rapids.

Beware the river forks and knifes.

Beware the river lolls and winds.

The origin is the same.

The water, a collection of like molecules.

Supporting the same ecosystem and riverside foliage.

Their roots soaked deep in the cold mud.

Their tendrils dragging the current for bugs.

The destination is the same.

The sea and its wide expanse of waves.

The sea and its never ceasing depths.

The sunset balanced perfectly on its breast

Setting that lapping abyss aflame.


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