Bound in Time, Time Outbound

Benjamin Jenkins, poem, poems, poetry, writing

I still see you in my dreams

No matter how old I grow

You remain seventeen or younger

Whether you left or I stayed

I have yet to decipher


Nothing is more solid than death

It seems as translucent as a memory

I know today we would be in touch

Friendship has transcended this waking life

It inspires me to sit and write poetry about you


Your energy jumps through

Time, dark matter, and dimensions

Without the restraint of boundaries

Without the restraint of emotions

While the Milky Way Galaxy swirls


My energy is dictated by milligrams of caffeine

Measured by cups into my bloodstream

I sit and wait for work to start

In the King & Simcoe Tim Horton’s

While the milk in my coffee swirls


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