The Garden of Living Flowers: Pg.1

Benjamin Jenkins, Screenplay, Script, Short Stories, The Garden of Living Flowers, writing



The shadow of Patrick taking a piss is illuminated by a streetlamp.

He pees into the grass and talks to Zach who is just off camera.

The laughter and bump of the party is in the distance.



I just want to get in and out buddy.



I know man, I know. I’m here because YOU invited ME. Let’s go in, say happy birthday and get the hell outta here.


Patrick’s shadow taps off and turns, showing that he is carrying a shopping bag full of 40 Ounce bottles of malt liquor.



Good thing these bags are plastic!


He laughs, shaking the bag dry.



That’s disgusting. Learn to aim bro.


Zach reaches into the bag and pulls out a bottle.

The sound of the cap being twisted and a fizz is heard.

He takes a drink and sighs, handing the bottle off to Patrick.

The camera follows the swinging bag and their legs as they make their way up the front walkway of a house.

They ring the doorbell .

The sound of bumping bass and the chatter/laughter of a party is heard as the door opens.

A eighteen year old girl with pigtails opens the door. She is holding a basket of flowers and name tags. She is wearing a light purple party dress with frilly sleeves. She is wearing a light purple mask that matches the color of her dress. Her name tag reads THEA ASTER, pinned to her breast is a New York Aster.

Her excitement at who she thought she was greeting turns to ash.



OH! Hey boys… It’s me, Thea! Welcome to the party!



Hey Thea–


Zach finishes the 40 and places the empty bottle on the railing.

He belches loudly.



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