4-20 Laundry

Benjamin Jenkins, poem, poems, poetry, writing

It’s April

Twenty Twenty Fourteen

Easter 4/20

A good day

For Laundry

George’s Spin Cycle

Adverts the Triple LOAD

Along with realistic

Fake tropical plants

The owner’s driftwood walking stick

Retired above the entrance

She hobbles about freely

Bangs on coin slotted machines

With a closed skeletal fist and

The cold-hardened strength

Of aged Eastern Europe

I measure my time here

Under a cumulous tide bubble mural

In fistfuls of quarters

I measure my time here

Under fluorescent lights

In ounces of detergent and Perrier

Perrier by Andy Warhol-

What would the Artist think?

Turning that primed revolver

From the consumer to advertisement

Only to have that green bottle

Turn it right back

We may be consumers but luckily

Companies feed on culture

I say all this after a spliff

Of futile attempts at Snapchatting

A Monroe smoke ring


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