The Checklist

Benjamin Jenkins, poem, poems, poetry, writing

Things that happen before writing:


Go through my notebook.

Go to the gym.

Go for a walk.

Go on IMGUR.

Go on Facebook.

Go on a date.

Go on my iPhone.

Do laundry.


Think about writing.

Think about women.

Think about my Father.

Think about life.

Don’t call.

Mop the floor.

Drive a car.

Eat a banana.

Smoke a joint.

Smoke a cigarette.






Try to find a star in the City sky.


Hope that writing comes.

Have a breakup.


Have a relationship.


Have a pint.

Watch the squirrels run around the rafters.

Watch the dawn.

Watch the haze.

Watch a show.

Watch a videogame.

Plant some seeds.

Wait for spring.

Watch them grow.

Watch the hour slide on.

Watch it snow.


See a friend.

See a foe.

Drink scotch.

Adjust my sight.

Drink a glass of water.

Drink coffee.

Move here.

Move there.

Fall in love again and again and again.

Shed some skin.

Shed some light.

Shop for groceries.

Change my ink.

Touch paper to pen.

Pet Jack.

Let Tony distract.

Me with his violin.

Type a written poem.

Use the bathroom.

Bring in the afternoon.

Listen to music.

Get a tattoo.

Serve tables.

Fall asleep.

Count some sheep.

Count my change jar.

Count some days.

Play pool.

Take a shower.

Bob in the traffic typhoon.

Tell myself I am a writer.

List off my credentials.


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