The Garden of Living Flowers: PG.2

Benjamin Jenkins, Screenplay, Script, Short Stories, The Garden of Living Flowers, writing


Is Tessa here?



I maybe saw her somewhere. It’s a masquerade boys, as per Holly’s request. I’m sure you detectives can find her. Here, take these.



A what!



A masquerade?



Oh good, I thought you said massacre.


Thea rolls her eyes and gives Patrick his mask. She hands him a Lilly to pin onto his chest and a nametag reading: PATRICK ALSTROEMERIA.



Here Pat. Everyone gets a genus as their alter identity.


She turns to Zach, handing him a Daffodil to pin to his chest and a nametag reading




Yours is self explanatory (She painfully snaps the mask onto his face via rubber bands)



Well this may be one of the last times I see you Thea, I am heading to Australia to work the ski lifts. It’s their winter starting up.



I’m gonna’ miss you Zach. (no conviction)



You got a fridge lovely? (clanks the last remaining 40’s in the bag)



Holly does, ya. Down the hall in the kitchen. Have fun boys.


They push past Thea into the party. The boys are met by a staircase, party streamers and the background tinkle of a band playing.

Holly Thompson and Stephen are talking in the hallway. Stephen is wearing a nametag that says STEPHEN VIOLA. He has a violet pinned to his chest. Holly is wearing a very small “sweet sixteen” dress. Her nametag reads HOLLY “HOLLYWOOD” ROSA. She has a white rose pinned to her breast.

They are laughing and chatting, drinking from small glasses of champagne. They are both wearing masks.


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