Hear Me Out

Benjamin Jenkins, poem, poems, poetry, writing

I think in rhyme and verse

Bright sunshine casts thick shadow

Eyes dark tinted like a hearse

Opening morning world windows

Can feels like a curse

Living in the carpool lane

Digesting my surroundings

Into an ink stain

Writing keeps me grounded


Let your eyes fall

Onto my words

Let my voice climb

Up your brain stem

Let my soul pour

Into your cerebral cortex

I’m armed

With vocabulary and context

Buzzing like power lines

Inhale oxygen and Mary Jane

Hold on tight

So high, I develop a fear of heights

Fuel injected

Coffee, pot scented

Shadow black

Milk occasionally

In order to swallow it quickly

Swirling like the Milky Way Galaxy

I’m tired of not having a salary

My father abandoned me

In the interest of himself

I don’t fear death it comes with living

If it comes for me

I pray it’s ready for the commitment

My energy spans universes

Both forward and reverse

I’ll rise like a zombie

Walk along the Earth

Spreading the plague

Of poetic serenade

I grew up on Hip-Hop and B Movies

My bars pull and warp my environment

Like a black hole

You stole everything you could carry

My heart’s made of lead

So who’s laughing now?

The Earth spins beneath my feet

So quickly it keeps everything in perspective

In this endless scrolling world

There is eternity to look back

With only seconds to act

Give me some of your time and I’ll talk you blind.


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