The Garden of Living Flowers: Pg.4

Benjamin Jenkins, Screenplay, Script, Short Stories, The Garden of Living Flowers, writing


Zach walks into a well lit kitchen. There are people drinking and playing party games. The music is louder in this room. He moves to the refrigerator. There are magnets on the fridge that spell out AMNESIA in different colors.

Zach yanks the refrigerator open and is greeted by a packed fridge of food and drink. He screams in frustration and begins pulling different items out of the fridge to make room for his drink.

He piles a 2-liter of coke, eggs, a pitcher of lemonade and some carrots on the counter. Sticks his malt liquor in the fridge.

Zach swings the refrigerator door closed. A toll blond guy is leaning against the counter, staring at him. He is reveled when the door swings closed as though he appeared from thin air.

He is wearing a mask, a nametag on his shirt: Tyler Gerbera. Tyler has a white daisy pinned to his chest.



(Exhales smoke into Zach’s face)

Whaaaaaat’s up? You want a grav hit? Just packed a fresh’un.



What’s the point of these masks? We all know who everybody is.



It’s your worst nightmare?



Have you seen Tessa?



You know she and I don’t talk anymore. A nerve askin’ me a thing like that.



You guys dated a year ago.

-Uh, but. I was just wondering. Fine gimme a hit.


The Sound of a gravity bong filling is percussed to the flic of a Bic. The rush and the rip of the smoke is heard. There is a huge exhale and loud unrelenting coughing.



OOH MY GOD! What is wrong with that water?




I filled it with Tanqueray.


Zach suddenly feels incredibly stoned.

The music vibrations coming through the ceiling begin to seep into his blood. He can feel the sound vibrations stuck to his skin, turning to blood cells and cascading through his body.

Tyler cracks a smile that seems too big for his face. He steps aside to reveal a little girl sitting on the counter behind him. Her legs swing with white stockings, she wears a white skirt. She has a colorful Adventure Time Band-Aid on her knee. She is also wearing a white daisy. A name tag on her dress is relative to her size and is illegible.



What’s your name?






My sister, I’m looking after her.

They didn’t expect her so we had to make her a nametag.

Better here than home, naw what I’m saying?



Tyler! She’s like, ten. Look at her!



I’m thirteen!


Holly and Stephen float in from the party.

Holly is drinking a tall can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Stephen is drinking from a new bottle of Jack Daniels.

Holly sets her beer down on the counter next to Penelope. Penelope grabs the can and chugs the last remains. She crushes the can, cheers violently and tosses the metal puck into the party. Someone shouts that they were just struck in the head with Another one.



HAHAHAHA! She has been doing that all night.



HEY! My beer!


Zach opens the fridge and grabs his last Colt 45. He closes the fridge and hands the drink to Holly.

He stops for a moment, staring at the door of the refrigerator at the magnets.

AMNESIA, the words begin to vibrate as though they threat to slide all around the refrigerator.



It’s my favorite word. Comes from the Greek meaning “without”; referring to memory.

It’s a deficit in memory, usually caused by brain damage or a stressful psychological trauma.

It can also be caused by various hypnotic drugs.



Stephen. Stay in school.

I’ll be heading to grad school in Boston tomorrow. Have I told any of you this?


Tyler grabs at Holly and they start to hug and kiss.

They get cozy against the counter, nearly knocking into Penelope.






OK, I’m gonna go find the washroom.

Where is it? It’s not like anyone’s listening anyway.



There’s two, but you wont get into the one down here.

Go upstairs, I have one in my room.

On the right.



Where did Pat get off to? Here Holly, take my last drink.


Stephen reaches out and gives him a quick slap for saying the word “drink”.

Zach says nothing. He reaches out and takes the bottle of Jack Daniels from Patrick. He chugs a double shot and hands it back.

He slaps Stephen across the face and leaves.


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