Christmas in Calgary

Benjamin Jenkins, poem, poems, poetry, writing

Christmas Eve,

Calgary to Edmonton.

Absorb the frost heaved

Rolling Canadian prairies.

The Cannon shoots

Solid, high-res memories.

Like freezing an inhale.

So real, you’d never remember the detail-

My stocking is a ski boot.

The first time

My pupils absorb Winter West.

The first time

My lungs filter cold, dry

Stampede City breeze.

The expanse is so vast-

My eyes play tricks on me.

Feed me information that everything is tiny,

It’s all perspective.

It’s wonderful to fit into tradition

Like the jigsaw Rockies fit into the blue, flat horizon.

It’s good to see smiles and learn mannerisms,

To revel in each other’s art.

Worlds apart-

Screen vs page,

Sound vs thought.

I feel right at home;

A world away from home.


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