The Garden of Living Flowers: Pg.5

Benjamin Jenkins, Screenplay, Script, Short Stories, The Garden of Living Flowers, writing



Zach walks up the stairs and is greeted by a long hallway of doors. He walks to the first door, fluttering his hand along, fascinated by it’s movement. The sound of the music’s bass booms, muffled, from somewhere in the house. He opens the first door.

The door opens to a room with three people wearing flowers and masks. They sit around a table under a pale light. They are in various levels of dress, playing a card game. Smoke hangs heavy in the light. There are empty bottles all around them in a ring as well as their discarded clothes. One of the girls notices him. She jumps up, wearing yoga pants and a bra. She still has her socks on and the mask. Pinned to her bra is a purple iris. Her nametag on the other cup reads: Shawna Iris.





Zach slams the door. He moves quickly to the next door. Opens it and jumps inside.




The room is dark with moving shadows. Flashing colored lights from party machines, a large burning fire in the fireplace, and candles are the only light source. The music is heavy with bass. A full band is playing in the corner of the room, illuminated by a cluster of candles burning at different levels.

Everyone in the dark of the room wears a mask. There are people dancing, and people on the couch intermingled. Zach notices that two of these people are Tessa and Patrick. They are kissing, still wearing their masks.



Tessa! Is that you?



Zach! I tried to call you but your phone was off.



You’re sucking Pat’s face off! Patrick, man! What the hell?



I have been trying to tell you for a while now buddy, you just haven’t listened to me!



I have spent the whole night looking for you Tessa! I have journeyed all night to tell you goodbye! I am moving tomorrow.



I know Zach, Patrick told me. Don’t be mad at him! I’m sorry I should have waited.






Zach stands in the same position as when he discovered Patrick and Tessa. He has the handle of a rolling piece of luggage in his hand and a large hiking backpack on his back. There is a large window before him with planes taxiing. Flight announcements can be heard above his head.

To his right there is a table with a vase of flowers, knocked over and spilling water over the edge and onto the floor. The flowers from the vase are one of each: Rose, Lily, Carnation, White Daisy, Pink Daisy, Iris, Violet, and Aster.

Close up of Daffodil as the only flower still in the horizontal vase. The stem of the Daffodil is touching the remaining inch of water in the vase while it slowly drips empty.



We are all weeds, fighting for an inch of canopy. I leave the garden for pastures a plenty.


Fade out on Zach watching the last of the water drip from the vase.

Close up on his sneaker taking a step toward the gate. He steps on and crushes the Lily.


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