Momentum in the Moment

Benjamin Jenkins, Birthday, poem, poems, poetry, writing

Today I turned three steps away from thirty

My eighteenth years feels like an hour ago.

All that time between,

All an ethereal cloud.

Time stands in this moment

Read the next line-

Passing time is a fluttering book.

The accelerator is stuck

No matter how defensive the drive

There is inevitable crash.

It’s all so fast when you break it down.

Until then, the blur of colors

And attractions keep you pre occupied.

Enjoy the ride

We celebrate the day we stepped into this race

It was the easiest thing to do

Maybe one of the hardest too.

Its the same as today,

Different weather,

Different acquaintances,

The day you really felt alive,

Started measuring the cycle of the sun

Into bars clear as day.

Let’s do a shot for every year we lived

With one for good luck.

It’s my day so I can consume it.

Extinguish those years with blown breath-

Don’t forget to make a wish

So when those apparitions of years passed

Smoke into the dining room

You can dream.


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