Sleepless Thinking

Benjamin Jenkins, poems, poetry, writing

The breeze carries a distinct breath of coast.

Ride the Tar River on eighteen wheels

Of chrome and shuttering steel,

Steal as much breath as photosynthesis can conjure.

Meet me in the graveyard,

Inquire and acquire what you require.

Borrow from tomorrow to pay off today.

Get back to you in 2-7 business days,

Leave a message after the beep.

Have you tried counting sheep?

The highways are narrow but the universe is deep;

When I surface and gulp down oxygen,

I judge the distance to shore and length of swim.

Slowly filtering through years of firing neurons

Coaxing mind and body into the same path.

Deadly nightshade asleep in the shadows

Of bar candles and peaty liquor.

I feel a magnetic pull

Holding my sole to the carpet.

I feel a knot in my heart,

Fond hours threaten to stop it.

I breathe through and feel my veins pump.

It’s all I can do.

A few words can change your environment.

One minute it’s uncertainty, the next it’s comfort.

All paths meet back up eventually.


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