North York Poetry

Benjamin Jenkins, life, poem, poems, poetry, Throwback Thursday, writing

The sun beats down

With bated baton

Upon a North York community.

Rattling the Black Walnut tree

Which peppers the back canopy

With meaty green seed.


A parrot named Congo

Acrobats about her cage

With craned neck and opposable talons.

A mad hatter

Embodied in caged cockamamie.

She mimics laughter.

She says: “Want coffee babe?”

She walks up the walls, onto the roof-

As though it were a spoof

On physical, straightforward movement.

She winks a dark black pearl,

Set behind a beak curved

Like a moon snail.


Her owner sits reclined

On a poolside chair.

Tasting the July air

Through a lit cigarette.

Sipping Sangria,

Drumming along to Santeria

With yellow painted fingernails.

John Lennon sunglasses

Reflecting a kaleidoscope

Yellow, orange, and purple

Tinfoil dimension.


Did I mention

The rooster crowing

From over the block?

Announcing three o’clock

On the Tdot.


It’s hot,

The human beat concrete

That bakes like loaves of bread.

Spare change counted with

Every sun-ray hour shed.


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